by rubyfruit2

I am a radical feminist. And I am raging.

I am raging that, at a time of renewed activism among the left, at a time when people, yet again, realise that politics is not about I-dentity and individualism, but about working together to achieve social change, at a time when women in the north of the world face more right-wing, oppressive policies and legislation than ever, that there are attempts to subsume the feminist agenda into a liberal, vague place where men’s rights are championed above the rights of women.  Men’s Rights Activists (MRA’s) are piggy-backing on to the confusion created by queer theorist jargon

By arguing that everyone oppresses someone and that we all have a right to express ourselves any way we want, wherever we want, queer theorists have paved the way for MRA’s to claim a right-wing territorial political space slap bang in the middle of feminism.

A gullible, fledgling grouping of feminist clusters, not only listen to them but welcome them into women-only spaces. When radfems explain the need for oppressed groups to organise autonomously, we are called “oppressive” and “non-inclusive”.

It is patriarchy at work from within, worming its way past women with radical ideas and putting men’s needs on the central stage. Same old, same old.

Don’t fall for it sisters.

This radfem blog is part of the resistance to that threat. It’s a blog which stands side by side with other radfem blogs and with the on and offline words of radical feminist sisters who reassert that feminism is about the liberation of women.

Hear our rage against centuries of oppression. We will not be silenced