by rubyfruit2

I don’t want to sit on the internet any longer feeling so angry about what is being done to women, on a daily basis, that I can’t breathe. I don’t want to go another day being sexually objectified by strange men in cars or on streets without knowing I am part of a fight back movement. I don’t want to read about another woman who is forgotten after she has been murdered, prostituted, raped, beaten, sexually abused and harassed without knowing there is a growing movement of women who care and are doing something revolutionary in response.

I am angry. I am increasingly in touch with other women who are angry and who want to do something to end male violence and domination.

A radical feminist said to me recently: “I feel I am living my life on 2 levels. There’s the level at which I operate in order to survive patriarchy and there’s the level I am really operating at while viewing the world from a radical feminist lens. The two are at odds and they make me feel crazy, alone”

I will be going to radfem2013 so that I am not alone, so that I don’t feel silenced, so that the radical statements in my head have an outlet and so that they will connect with many other women because they feel them, have read it, and believe them too. Only from there, can we plan social change which will undermine patriarchy.

Radical feminism is a structural analysis. That means it’s not about me, or you, as individuals. It’s about analysing and understanding how patriarchal systems and structures work. It’s about recognising it’s not a coincidence that only a few rapists are charged, let alone convicted, that the systems which exist deliberately ensure male supremacy continues undisturbed at the expense of all women. The same is true for every aspect of women’s oppression. It’s a society which benefits all men at the expense of all women and that can only be understood at a structural level – it is the way our society is set-up and sustained. No other ideology analyses women’s oppression so clearly and, therefore, no other ideology can find real and lasting solutions. I am going to radfem2013 to talk to other radical feminists about those solutions. I am going to radfem2013 to take them forward.

I am going to radfem2013 to be sustained and nourished in sisterhood with other women, new and old friends, who want to join me, and other women, in the fight for freedom. The delicious joy of meeting many many women who think as I do and connecting with them is a significant moment of time in my life, as it was last year at radfem12.

I am going to radfem2013 because it’s a unique opportunity to be in a women-only space, where the politics and the rarity of sister space will be truly understood.

Are you a radical feminist? Come and meet me and hundreds of other women at radfem2013.

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