by rubyfruit2

A separate update is circulating about the progress of the conference. In the meantime, this statement is about the legal position in relation to radfem2013.

We understand that women are worried and anxious due to the sheer amount of lies, misinformation, libel and distortions flying about. We want to reassure you of several facts:

1. From the beginning we have received advice and guidance from a solicitor and are reassured by “leading counsel” (a barrister) of the legalities, on numerous grounds, including the Equality Act 2010, that our right to meet as women is lawful

2. This advice has been shared freely with London Irish Centre (LIC). The written, formal legal advice demonstrates, contrary to a false and misleading article produced by the Sunday Times, that no law or equality policies would be breached on either LIC’s part or ours by holding/hosting our conference.

3. The Sunday Times contains inaccurate information and quotes about the conference, our speakers and organisers and we have placed a formal complaint with the paper stating that numerous points in the PCC’s editors’ code have been breached. We have asked for an immediate retraction and an apology. Should the paper refuse to do so, we have instructed our solicitor to take the matter further.

We understand how frustrating it is when you don’t have information about something so important to you. Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers and have to also work or carry out unpaid work in the home and, at the same time, we‘re working hard on legal and other matters so that women can have an awe-inspiring conference. We have been inspired and touched by the tremendous outpouring of support we have received from a diverse range of women (and men) who can see the implications of intimidation tactics by men’s rights extremists for wider radical social movements, particularly feminist groups. We know we are exploring the legalities, not just for us, but for the right of all feminist/women’s groups to meet in peace without being intimidated by bullying tactics from male rights extremists groups.

We intend to put out a fuller statement about the legal position at a more appropriate time

Radfem2013 Organisers