A John Called Hatrick: Case study of one of the men tolerated by Vancouver Police Department and Surrey RCMP

by rubyfruit2

Men can openly ‘boast’ about their violence towards women and no one does anything – even with legislation in place

A Trick Of The Trade

“Back to Surrey and cruise the Leigon, hmm nice ass on the corner and big tit’s too. It’s an older crack-ho, very impatient wants to score rock, fuck, I drop her where I find her no mood for that shit, I would have gone for the Hatrick but with someone worthy not that fuckin thing! Did learn something to-nite, 7-11’s are a good hunting ground. I picked up a real doll a few weeks back in the one at Royal Oak. Just check em out as you cruise by, if there is some hottie in there that looks like she might go, it pays to ask. You can check em out in a safe environment, all the Ho’s go in there at some point durring the nite. I will be keeping a close eye myself, happy hunting!”read the full review


The author of the above review is a long-time…

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