Feminism, true feminism, is about subversion. It’s about naming the truths of male supremacy. It’s about connecting with women so we can collectively fight for women’s liberation.

This basic message is becoming lost because there’s currently an all-pervasive humanist/liberal approach to feminism, masquerading AS feminism, which is plastered across social media.

I want to be part of a movement which ensures that the basic message about what feminism really is, does not become lost. With that goal in mind, I’m going to start collecting online (and herstorical) feminist phrases/abbreviations and feminist descriptions of male supremacy. I’m going to start a # hashtag on twitter and invite more suggestions because I can’t remember that many.


NAMALT: ‘Not All Men Are Like That’: When women name the uncomfortable truths about male violence, 9 times out of 10 they will receive this kind of response. It’s almost inevitable

MANSPLAINING: When a man patronisingly tries to explain to us something we know better than him or when any kind of male explanation is not needed and is unwelcome

MANSPLAINED: (as in ‘he mansplained me’): When a feminist describes the process of a man talking over her, and explaining something simple to her as if she was unable to understand for herself.

“Not my Nigel’/’My Nigel is different’: This has been going on since forever; when women critique the male caste, a het woman often produces an unnecessary qualification that her male partner/boyfriend/husband is unique and ‘special’. (Hint: he really isn’t). The word “Nigel’ has become synonymous to mean (het) men. Usually sarcastically used when a het woman is intent on dominating a feminist agenda with stories about her ‘Nigel’ and how great he is. (Hint: He’s not and/or we don’t want to hear – we’re busy overthrowing patriarchy)

‘My Nigel’: any man a het woman is involved with.

Radical Lesbian Feminist: A female who actively makes political connections between their love for women and their fight against compulsory heterosexuality/male supremacy. They understand that sexuality is a social construct and fight the ‘born-that-way’ narrative.

Political lesbian: A woman who becomes connected with other women politically, emotionally and sexually via developing a feminist consciousness.

Separatist: A female who will not willingly associate with males; despite the myths, this does not include where we buy our groceries or who employs us

Womanist: An alternative description for women-centred politics. Frequently used by black feminists in the 1980s/90s in order to make a political point about the domination of feminism by white women.

TERF-IS-A-SLUR: The word “TERF” is used against feminists who describe how women’s oppression is connected to female biology (e.g. how birth, pregnancy, menstruation is treated within a male supremacist society) and, increasingly commonly, used against any woman who refers to the relevance of female biology in any context, whether she’s a feminist or not. The word ‘TERF” is frequently accompanied with abuse and threats. Many feminists have equated it with the word ‘witch’ from the past.

‘HANDMAIDENS’: shorthand for when women betray other women in order to defer to men/male supremacists. Not keen on the term myself for various reasons there’s no space to go into. But, still, it’s used quite a bit so here it is.

‘Gaslighting’ When a woman’s reality and lived experience/knowledge/observation is denied/reversed/repackaged. Male supremacists use it all the time and, sadly, women locked in hostility with each other, use it too. It’s an anti-feminist tactic.

‘Spinster’: A reclaimed word from the past which means an unmarried woman. Used particularly ferociously after World War 1 when so many men were killed and more women were free to lead independent lives. Male supremacy re-constructed this freedom by depicting single women as ugly and unattractive and ‘on the shelf’. Today’s ‘spinster’ rejoices in her freedoms.

Queer Alphabet Soup: A send up of the trend to add more and more letters to an unfathomable growing list of alleged disadvantaged groupings – an individualistic approach instead of an analysis about how some groups oppress others (i.e. male supremacy reigns at the expense of the caste of women)

Pomo: Shorthand for the ideology ‘ post modernism’ which underpins queer politics and transgenderist politics. Post modernism is at the other political spectrum to feminism because it promotes and celebrates individualism whereas feminism recognises that power rests with specific groups and the ways they use their power to control how society is structured.


NB: I did have a little google but I couldn’t see that anyone else has already done this; not in urban dictionary form. If someone has, please link and I can include the link in this blog post.